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Virtual Number Interface (VNI)1.0
Download Free the Virtual Number Interface 1.0 a client application. This neat application converts many popular and common Nokia single dual or tri-band GSM phones into a powerful GSM modem, This application can be setup in any GSM coverage area and turns the modem into a fixed inbound terminal with a long code (Normal mobile number) when installed on a desktop PC or web server running VNI and connected to the Internet. you messages are available as an incoming SMS to your SMPP application when you are bound to our SMSC and logged into your SMS account or messages can be displayed in VTM or any SMPP client Now implementing your Pull/Push is easier then ever before and we mean anywhere! More on VNI

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Host an SMS gateway on your site in minutes complete with your site colors, banners, links, logos, Registration page, lost password page, test SMS page, web SMS, HTTP, SMPP, value added services for as low as Euros 4.95 or Rs 250 a month....