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Web hosting ISP's Server administrators, web designers, team up with us and get an additional revenue stream by bundling our SMS hosting package with your web package.

With over 600 million GSM users worldwide, the GSM Association reported that in December 2001 alone, 30 Billion SMS messages were sent with a projection of over 100 Billion SMS messages per month for the next two years! SMS Point allows Companies/Businesses to have their own 'SMS Gateway', creating an opportunity to originate SMS messages directly from standard PC's. company LAN's,or even from websites. The SMS service allows one to deliver value added GSM SMS right over the Internet

Every Company/Business, no matter what the size or industry, can be connected to our servers through the Internet with Low startup or monthly fees! This gives you the opportunity to promote/communicate different services, products, websites, and even re-sell SMS messages!

We are very proud being one of the first to provide easy to use, easy to integrate, and prepaid solutions for web designers wanting to have an SMS (Short Message Service) sending facility on their web sites. Even if you are a web design novice, it takes only minutes to have an SMS service up and running from your web site using our tools. Including cross network sending solutions, we make it possible to send SMS messages to most major countries in the world. check our supported networks page for more info

Many web designers have been looking for good solutions for sending SMS messages from web sites. Until now this has been very difficult due to many different solutions from GSM network providers to access their SMSC servers. Some providers use XML, others use X.25 and other specific SMSC protocols: HERMES, UCP, CIMD, and SMPP. This problem has been a severe obstacle for easy integration of Internet based services to communicate with GSM phones. The SMS Point SMS Gateway can originate SMS or text messages from any webpage on the internet and process it through our SMSC. Or you can integrate it in an application using tools that can be downloaded. You can originate messages from your desktop from a SMPP client similar to many popular POP3 clients and you can even send out SMS from custom applications using our development kit that uses a high speed port connection to our server to allow you to send thousands of SMS directly from your application using SMPP This connection works on dedicated or dial-up connection to the Internet. In addition you can send SMS from our site should you just want to push SMS or text messages

SMS Point offers both HTTP and SMPP access to its subscribers And it is the combined volume of SMS that ensure that you get substantial savings on your SMS messaging costs. This leaves you with only ensuring that content is available and dreaming up new SMS services that will make your visitors come back again and again without the hassle of maintaining an SMS server besides negotiating with cellular companies on rates.We will do the delivery of your SMS. All you need to do is have a valid account with

In just a few minutes from now you could be connected to the wireless world..........around the world around the clock!


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Host an SMS gateway on your site in minutes complete with your site colors, banners, links, logos, Registration page, lost password page, test SMS page, web SMS, HTTP, SMPP, value added services for as low as Euros 4.95 or Rs 250 a month....

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